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hi hi newbieee heree


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hiiii hiii!


I'm Vi. I'm 19, single, and my pronouns are she/her. I'm a little, though I'm unsure of my age and everything else :/

I'm fairly new here and to the whole dynamic, so I guess I'm just tryna figure it out bit by bit?


A lil about meeee would be that I absolutelyyyy love stuffies and naps and icecreams, tehehe. I'm also a reader, one that likes to dabble w writing and sketching here and there. Oh and I'm a super shy but super chatty smol hooman ^-^

That's all ig? 


see y'all around

luv luv<3


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Hewow is nice to meet you. I'm new too and don't know much but I'm learning. I wuv my daddy. I wuv my puppy's and piggy. I love arts and cwaft time but I can't play wif glitter wifout daddy
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