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Hello, I’m New


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Guest MidiLily

Yaaaaasssss! Little is more than an age. I felt the same as you 5ish years ago when I was introduced to DDlg and it just *clicked*!


Don’t feel like you have to settle on a specific age. Ranges are okay. Also you have fabulous taste in animals!


I hope that you find what you are looking for. Embracing this part of yourself can be very freeing.

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Guest Hazeleyes8807

hello everyone, my name is sabrina and i guess im somewhat new to this "bdsm/dominate/sub stuff. i guess it kind of got woken up when experimenting with past ppl and i seem to enjoy it. being tied down and all the kinky fun stuff. which im still learning. i am 33 yrs old and im trying to find or meet new people or just see what i can learn mayb advice. i do research once in a while.  Anyways, i met my dom a few months ago from the dating app, we ended up being in the same town which helped.so we met and i will say he is a major sweetheart, we get along great and doesnt make me do anything that im not comfortable with. the fun we have is mind blowing and i cant complain, he has been training me also to be a sub. we see each other on and off. he works and i work, the hours are crazy but i try.  well here recently he messaged me and decided he wanted to take things to another level passed play, more of a relationship. i wasnt expecting any of it cuz i know what he went through and i myself i am currently separated, have been almost 5 months. hasnt been any talk of getting back together so idk. but anyways idk how i go about it because i enjoy being with my dom, his touch is loving and his kisses are too, when he looks at me its like i feel there is mayb something there. i want to i really do i just dunno what to do. i dont wanna fall hard and nothing happens or it dont work. is it possible for a dom and sub to fall in love even after this on and off. i have feelings for him i do i just dont want to hurt him or get my hopes up on something that might not happen. sorry im rambling on. 

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