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L.S. or Hello Everyone,


Although I have been into the lifestyle for about 10yrs(few more for generic D/s), I have only stumbled across this forum recently.

Given I have seen quite some interesting topics on here, I decided to make an account to continue learning and maybe contribute some as well.

Though I definitely expect to disagree with several based on the opinions I have read so far, I hope for constructive discussions in exploring the lifestyle.


I have already filled out my profile with the basics, but for those making the effort of reading this post:

My name is Marcus, at the moment 39yrs old and living in the Netherlands. In the second half of my twenties I got into D/s and thanks to several little's got introduced with Dd/lg.

Many of my Dd/lg contacts have been entirely online or started initially online, though I have been lucky enough to have gained several years of real life experience.

Once I read "You can be a top for a night, be a Dom for as long as she submits, but being a Daddy is for life", which to me really translates the beauty of this dynamic.


Feel free to ask me any questions and otherwise I hope to come across you on the forums.

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