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Hi, I go by Henry and I am a new daddy looking to learn from this great community and possibly find a little to call my own. I use the handle PapaBear in multiple places across the net and I feel like it suites me well as I am a big burly teddy bear of a man. Being 6' tall helps even the tallest little feel small in my arms. I love having a partner to take care of and them in return which is what drew me to this lifestyle. I am always happy to chat if anyone wants to reach out!



Name: Henry
Age: 35
Role: DaddyDom/Caretaker
Location: Oregon, USA
Gender: Male
Pronouns preferred: He/Him
Likes (non-sexual): TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, Cuddles
Dislikes (non-sexual): Harming people, lying
Length of time in lifestyle: New
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