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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Hey cuties! New mommy here<3


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You can call me either Chiisai (I know it's kind of ironic that it means "little" in Japanese, but I've had this name forever!) or Milky, and I live in the Denver metro area.


I like gaming (my favorite games are EarthBound, Mother 3, Undertale, Bioshock, Paper Mario... too many to list!!), goofing around on forums, playing with my five companion animals, and making yummy vegan food.


I'm very new to this community, so please be kind<3 I knew I was interested in the community for years, but I always thought I'm "supposed" to be a little. Since y'know, I'm a girl! But I've recently learned that being Mama speaks to me much louder and I'm incredibly happy I've discovered this about myself!


As far as caregiving, I am currently working on inducing milk production so that I can breastfeed my precious little babes. It's a full time job!!!

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