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Ooo Hiiiii Ooo I’m new here


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My name is Nadia but I go by Noodle I’m a little between ages 3-7. I found out I was a little two years ago I’m very new to this kinda and still learning I haven’t been able to express my little side because of where I live and theirs no little friends by me. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone so let’s hope I make friends at least. My favorite color is purple and pink and green. I love all Disney movies. I love stitch things, pj mask is also my favorite and TMNT and marvel/dc and anime. I like dressing up and play fighting. I love all genres of music. I try to express myself the best I can but sometimes I struggle explaining if that makes sense I love all types of movies. I would love to meet people and help me better express my little side. Also I’m sorry if this was a lot


Much love Noodle let’s be friends



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