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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Hi! I'm new here, and super excited to make friends!

Guest Animetheemo

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Guest Animetheemo

Hi! I'm not very new to DDLG/AGERE but I never tried going on forums and so I decided to start here- and no it was not just because I thought the background was super cute- well maybe it was. Anyways! I am a little, my little age is like 3-6 it really depends on how deep in little space I am. I do not have a daddy dom/care giver but who knows! I really really reallyyy love games. Skyrim being my all time favorite and I post Minecraft content on my twitch channel. Currently I am working on making a series all about upgrading my set up! Feel free to reach out I am so excited to meet new friends!


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