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DaddyDom, 32, Central Valley, California


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**Name:** LtStickers
**Age:** 32
**Location:** Central California
**DM:** Open
**Role:** DaddyDom
**Status:** Single
**Sexuality:** Straight Demisexual
**Gender:** Male
**Five words to describe yourself:** Heart, Soft, Firm, Through, Fair

My "Dynamic" life is fearless, warm and comforting to the point I almost feel invisible to other regular humans around me, I do not feel like I am judged, like I am looked at in a weird way, I feel safe and normal. ((To me Normal is what you are, there is never a comparison to another human, as we are all normal in our own way.))

I am very open to all walks of life, and respect all who are true to themselves. I do not claim to be all knowing, just know my experiences and those others have shared with me.

Now if you have even gotten this far, just to give you a little insight about me.

I am not in DaddyDom/Dom headspace around my kids(*I have them every other week)
I do not engage in sexual play with littles/little space
I take my career very seriously, work/clients off limits.
' The Talk ', will outline rules, boundaries etc., this is to be taken seriously.
I have ADHD, so I can easily get excited, hyper and playful
There will be safe words, no exceptions!
Any further questions, feel free to drop me a message in my inbox.

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