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Hewwo, new little girl thewe :3


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I'm Chloe and im a little girl from Italy!
I just got out of a little moment i had so its gonna be hardy for me to write right now but i will try!
I will start with what i love!
I love food! I love cartoons! I love hugs when wanted! I love lil kisses and i love when somebody cuddles me a lot!
I also love drawing, watching bigger people do stuffy so i try to learn and i also love chooking, or at least i try to!
Now i will start with what i weawwy dont like!
I dont like when people start makeing too many questions! I dont like when i am punished for doing creative stuffy! I dont like to clean my self or go to the bathroom alone! I dont like traveling! I dont like being ignored! I dont like being yelld!

After this little presentation i can now tell about my self a bit mowe but im still a bit knowing my self so im not totally sure of everything yetty...

So, i'm a little girl that was unfortunately born in the wrond sex physique and that only in the last 4 months understood how little she was still in the deep.
I cant say for suwe if this was because of my past of baddy stuffy happend to me or if it was just because being the type of girl that i am i lost my childhood liveing in the opposite sex world.. 
But the thing im sure about is that now i cant handle this alone anymore and i need a boyfriend/girlfriend/otherfriend to stay with and be thogether that can be also caregiver and also dominant when i'm not little since i'm not sxual when im little at all.

I also understand that i dont have the classic type of "little girl" going on since for me is way more than a "rp" or stuff like that. In my opinion is something way more and way deeper than willing to do the child... cus i feel like in those moments.. i'm actually a child... in all the parts except physics... and i actually have really little mind in that moment... for example i forget whats sex or whats the "adult" stuff overall... and i just think about passing my time and haveing fun... coloring.. eating.. watching cartoon or sleeping.

So being like this i guess i will never be able to do a job etc so i also need someone that can actually take care of me like a little child in all the ways possible.

For now all the things i did in the little world where alone... never had anyone if not some exes reading me stoies... and after that i just closed up more and more this side of me because of the hurting they did to the little girl and the trust she loosed..

So yeah.. thats me... i kindly ask you to avoid stoopid questions or invasive ones... agin i'm sowwy for my bad english but im italian as i said and sowwy for my little parts when i was writeing but its hard to control her since i dont have any control over that part of me and that just happends...

Cutely, Chloe.



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