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Hello! I’m new here. Daddy, 23

Guest ShamanBratTamer

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Guest ShamanBratTamer

Hello all!

I’m from the UK, and I’ve recently broken up with my first little with whom I was introduced to the lifestyle. I am in love with being a daddy. I love to be a caregiver so much! I love the responsibility, the feeling of warmth it gives me, the love a little can give.


About me. I live in a little village in Norfolk and love nature. I have a dog at home (living with mum and stepdad atm) and I walk her every day. She’s my best friend, a black lab named Beebee. I am studying to become a psychotherapist and that is my dream. I want to heal people and I am good at doing so, so far. I gave therapy to my little and that helped her tremendously. I know how to be tactful and sensitive. I’m also vegan!


Interests. I’m not like most people, I’ve never been able to conform or fit in. I like to meditate every day and workout or run, I sometimes do yoga too. I love to read books around philosophy or psychology, or good literature. I have a thirst for knowledge. I am a fan of psychedelic drugs, a hippie type, and the myriad of benefits they bring to an individual and to culture. In terms of music I can listen to many genres, though my playlists are full of odd electronic genres, edm, dnb and others. I also love colours!


I like getting to know littles and daddies! That’s me, I guess. Thank you for welcoming me!

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