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Children and getting back into ddlg after childbirth


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Hello kinda my first post i havent even dont the introduction thing but I just had a question for the community. Me and my baby girl just had a child together and because she is actually a mother now it kinda of feels like I lost my little. Not in a sense where we are distant and our relationship is bad or anything its still very loving and we are as close as ever. Its just hard probably for her to het into littlespace when she has to be a mommy all the time. Any suggestions on how to help her with that.
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Guest Blanketfortninja

Her littlespace needs to be nurtured. You can do the following.


1. Make sure that she is not doing too much controlling related things like making lots of decisions, guiding you in everything. The executive centers of the brain needs to be relaxed. The lower the control activities, the higher the quality of littlespace.


2. Use a ritual as an awakening stimulus to active the littlespace. It can done by


I. Ask her, what activity makes her feel little the most. Coloring would be a good thing. Or, a little type collar or clothing. Anything that reminds her that she is a little.


II. Everytime she wants to get into littlespace. Tell her to focus on the thing, then, tell her to let go of any control a bit. Then, command to her in a caring voice. "Good girl. When you are with daddy, don't worry too much anout adult things. We both will handle everything.You let daddy guide and feel your little awakening"


III. Use touch to intensity the activation of littlespace by caressing her chin, or Cuddling together, or keeping your arms around her or kissing her forehead.

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