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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Introduction! :)


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Hi everyone! My internet name is Iris, I'm 28years old, I live in London (UK) and after thinking for a long time that I was just a submissive, I've realised recently that I am also a Little.

I am fairly new into the Caregiver/Little or the Dd/Lg comunity so I've decided to create an account here to meet new people and make some friends who can help me understand things properly.

I apologise in advance if I say something that might not sound correct to some of you but like I said I am still learning.

Little me is 4-7, and loves rainy day, books, colouring, building legos and watching cartoons.

Big me is a night owl who loves music, books, travelling, nature, sightseeing & exploring, photography and ancient history.

Feel free to message me so we can be friends :)

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