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Guest Daddylyfe

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Guest Daddylyfe

Hi, I'm Jay. It's not my real name, but I'm a bit new to the forums and I'd like to use that as my name atm. I hope that's ok. 

I'm 30, moving to Fl. in a little over a year which I'm really excited about! And I'm currently studying to take the MCATS. I really want to be a Neurologist. I really enjoy being a Daddy, and love being a caregiver. I kind of just joined to lurk a bit, but I'm open for friendship. Focusing on my health and education is the most important part of my life atm. I like to play video games and watch anime. I practice martial arts, recently got into HEMA, but I've been boxing, and practicing kung fu for years now. With all the craziness going on, I don't belong to any dojo atm, but as soon as the situation finally clears up I plan on getting into BJJ and Judo as well. 

I'm a bit of a health freak, or at least trying to get there. I've always had problem with my weight but slowly it's coming off and I really like how my body has been changing for the better in my opinion. I like to cook healthy food that probably doesn't taste too good to most other people, but I've learned to live with it lol. I can cook real and tasty food too. Currently working on how to mix the two haha. 

I'm also a chronic insomniac... the point is it's been a few years of me working on myself and I'm happy to say I'm getting there. 

Just a list of other things I'm interested in: 

DDlg obviously

Honestly I'd say my biggest strength is my conversational skills so even if you are a shy person, don't feel too shy to add me! I'm sure we can have at least one or two nice conversations. 

Any longer and this introduction is in danger of becoming a personal! So I'll stop here. Hope everyone has a good day/night/week whatever. I'm off to try and sleep now. Wish me luck! haha. 

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Guest Daddylyfe

What kind of games, I love love love gaming

Mostly just Dota. I'm a p5 support main. I call it the Daddy position cause you have to take care your team and make sure they have everything they need and so on. haha. 


I'm also thinking about getting the new KOF game coming out and own Street Fighter 4. (all for PC). I'm pretty terrible at fighting games, but I have major respect for people who can actually do well in them. 


I'm pretty good at Dota, just the climb is hard was a p5. I swear when you start winning the new algorithm flags you as a potential booster and purposefully puts you with worse players. 


It's so hard to find time now that my life is getting my life together. I've never been one for time management. But if anyone wants to play a game or two of KOF Street Fighter 4 or any F2P games I'm down. Where I'm at we're still pretty restricted in what we can do and it took a bit but I started to miss socializing. I think that was a big reason I joined. 

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