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Hello Everyone!

Guest PowerPuffPrincess

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Guest PowerPuffPrincess

I am completely new to this forum and thought that I should post this sooner rather than later! Here's some basic tea about me:

☺️I'm 18 years old

☺️I am from the USA 

☺️I am currently looking for friends only as I'm SFW with no desire for NSFW relationships at the moment 

☺️I love reading and I try to read at least once a day

☺️Fitness and healthy nutrition is important to me as I'm in the middle of my weight loss journey (if you're on a weight journey as well, you can do it!!) 

☺️I take mental health/mental illness awareness seriously (keep pushing and know that it is hard but you're much stronger than what you're up against!)

☺️Cooking anything and everything new or unique is the absolute best!

☺️Heights and tight spaces are spooky to me

☺️I love animals and have fostered for my local rescue in the past. I plan on getting back into it soon!

☺️I am striving to become a family planning counselor!

☺️I'm more introverted but I can handle most social settings


All and all I'm happy to be on here and everyone seems so nice! Also, because of my age, I welcome all advice from older members of the community. So please, if you have any advice, I welcome and thank you in advance!!

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