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A Dominant who's curious about DDLG


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If you're reading this, hello and welcome. I'm a Dominant who finds DDLG interesting and would like to learn more about the people within the DDLG community. In particular, littles. I do have some experience with littles or girls who have had little tendencies and I first began learning about BDSM fifteen years ago. For now, please refer to me as X.



The basics..


I'm male. I'm heterosexual. I'm 31 years old. I live in the East Coast, USA. I'm Caribbean (my parents are from two different islands: Trinidad and Antigua.) In terms of physical appearance I'm skinny, around 5'8", with a mahogany complexion and long black locs (also known as 'dreadlocks' but I avoid this term.) I also have stretched ears, a septum piercing and a nostril piercing. I have a couple of tattoos. In terms of my physical appearance I suppose one might say I'm 'alternative' looking. I grew up on 90's Alternative and Rock music. I'm currently single, as I don't really date, and am the father of two cats. Spirituality is important to me and this does include theology. As for my career, I'm in the tech industry.



Why am I here?


I'm here to lurk, possibly to comment on posts, and possibly to post in Personals or Friend Zone. I've been described as serious, stern, possessing strong energy, things of that nature so just a head's up if you have the urge to reach out privately for whatever reason. One random thing about me that you might find interesting is that I am a professional psychic outside of this forum and give readings. It's not a full-time thing.

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