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new to the platform, not the lifestyle


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hello everyone, i go by Rin or Vex, either of. ^-^ i'm 22 and i'm a demisexual nonbinary little/pet (she/they pronouns mainly, little age 4-8) from Italy. i've been into cg/l for almost 5 years, but i've never had the chance to find a cg or other little friends. to be fair, the dynamic isn't too popular in my country, for some reason :< i'm a digital artist who mostly draws fanart for a few fandoms (mostly Vocaloid, Genshin Impact and some furry stuff here and there), i'm into some alternative fashion (mainly menhera-kei and yamikawaii, look em up, they're pretty cool) and i don't exactly fit in, but that's okay. i hope to meet some new people but please, bear in mind that i'm pretty shy and nervous during the first day or two. ;W;

please, check out my profile for some more info about me if you do decide to approach me! thank you for reading!!

-Rin ^-^ 


(P.S.: i'll attach a pic of my favorite stuffie, his name is ouchie <3 )


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Guest tailsy

Hai hai! Not fitting in? Everyone deserves a community they can call home! And if it's not with your art stuff then I hope it's with DDLG! Welcome to the forum, and I hope you find a ton of friends and a sense of belonging. Love the plushie, too! Ouchie looks awesome! :D

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