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My Intro


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Hey I'm new here, and I thought I should introduce myself to all you lovely people!


Age: 18 (my headspace ranges from 0-4)

Pronoums:Trans He/him

Role: Little

Likes when Big: American horror story, vampire diaries, one direction, hawaiian pizza (i know controversial), obssesively watching netflix, trying to learn the ukelele. I love disney and I love to ft/call, and sing.

Likes when Little: I love disney, dino nuggets and mac and cheese. Pastel goth/fem soft boy vibes, STUFFIESSSS, ft/calling, being babied and just taken care of. Winnie the pooh. Dinosaurs, and my comfort colors/aesthetics are teal, and pink.

Time zone:Eastern

And yeah it's lovely to meet you all!

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Guest tailsy

Hai hai, Ash! Welcome to the site! Hawaiian pizza's controversial? Well, that's news to me! Pizza is awesome regardless of the style, more haters just means more pizza for you! >:3

Anyways, hope ya have a rockin' time here and that you'll met a ton of awesome people ^^

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Hello Ashy and welcome to the community! ♡ I’m glad you’re here, it’s lovely to meet you ^u^


VAMPIRE DAIRIES OMG, hi, hello lfjdslfjas I watched that show for years and it’s an old favorite of mine! Now I kind of want to rewatch it again.. it’s so good! And you love Winnie the Pooh and Disney! You’re awesome~ ^^


I hope you enjoy your time here! Sending you all of the good vibe pixie dust ♡


with love,


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