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A dominants introduction - this message will self destruct in ……


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Hello and welcome to my introduction, I appreciate you stopping by and inquiring about who I am. I am not new here; to this site or to the lifestyle - though this is a new and updated post.


So who am I am and what am I about.


I would describe myself as an intellectual “Dominant” it’s the connection that comes from this dynamic on multiple levels that appeals to me. I am also a natural dominant, I take on the role of leader, guide, mentor in both my personal and business life.


Unfortunately, I cannot give out gold stars, head pats, kisses on the forehead and punishment in my workplace - so I turn I find myself here. I love what the dynamic offers and find it’s the most rewarding of all the bdsm based connections - well for me at least.


I enjoy conversation and the psychological aspects that a dynamic with a D/s and power exchange allow. If your preferred method of conversations broken sentences and emojis, I am probably what you are looking for. If you enjoy words, conversation and approaching life on a deeper level then please send me a message.


I am a huge fan or rules and structure and love setting up and having a reward and punishment system in place. I feel that a good Daddy should be a mentor, coach, motivator, etc and help you keep that structure in your life. I am not a fan of diapers, wetting and the baby/juvenile part of the dynamic. If that’s what you are looking for sorry I am not your guy.


I would like to consider myself as an advocate of the community and a steward in keeping the core values of what this dynamic should be going. I have to be honest in saying that Facebook and other social media site that drive people here are driving the wrong people here and we have far to many people involved in the lifestyle who have no clue of what it’s actually about. I feel it gives many of us lifestyle dominants a bad image.


“Submissive, does not equal weak or easy” not in the era I grew up in at least.


I would love to find out about who you are and what brought you to the lifestyle and to this site. I love hearing about what makes you feel and relate to being a submissive. The more I understand and learn the better dominant and man I become. I have been doing this for many years and still consider myself a student.


So come say hello, introduce yourself and let’s learn about this together.


Thanks for the read.



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Guest tailsy

Welcome back to the forums, mister mister! What an interesting characteristic, naturally embodying the leadership role in both a professional and personal sense. Even if you hadn't said you weren't new to the lifestyle, that alone would tell me there's years of experience behind those words. Wholeheartedly agree with enjoying an in-depth conversation; familiarizing oneself with how one thinks is an excellent way to get to know someone and to skip boring formalities.


If I may ask, what other places have worked for you in finding genuine connections? It'd be nice to have resources like yours. Thank you, and I hope you find exactly what you're looking for here.

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Hello Tailsy,


Thank you for your kind words, they are very much appreciated. There are a few other DDLG sites out there, unfortunately a big one closes their doors the other day and that made many of us sad.


Discord is something I have starting using with some success, though I will be the first to admit that I am not the most tech savvy. I would stay away from Fet-Life unless you are into the more BDSM/Kink aspects of the dynamic. It can be a bit overwhelming for those starting off in the lifestyle. I used to host and speak at munches pre-Covid and would say that’s always and alternative as well.


I wouldn’t go with the billboard advertising method. A t-shirt that says “ Strict Daddy who likes little girls” may not receive the attention you hoped for. Though I do think it would be great if the lifestyle created a code and there were shirts out there that simply said SLG or SDD so we knew who was who in the community.


Anyhow - that’s my thoughts for the day.



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