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*Magical Flashy Entrance...and an awkward wave*


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Hello! I'm new here and well I don't really know what to put exactly so I'll just put 5 facts about me, and 5 facts about little me.


1: Probably best to be open about this. In real life I'm a boy, only my little side is a girl. No I'm not trans.

2: I am a recovering otaku, who still loves all the anime I've ever watched but I don't add any new ones. My favorites are mahou shoujo (duh) and a bunch of romance ones. But I also like the occasional shonen series.

3: My absolute favorite comfort food is Oreos. If you give me oreos, I am yours*

*not really.

4: I like to game. Video games mostly but I also used to play card games like Magic and Yu-gi-oh and still have my decks.

5: I am learning Chinese. if you speak chinese 你好. 请教我!


Now five facts about little me...this'll get embaressing


1: I have a daddy. He is the best.

2: My little age is 10ish, like so many great magical girls throughout history.

3: Because of needing diapers, daddy usually treats me like a preschooler. Sometimes I let him...

4: Pancakes are my favorite food. I would eat them with any meal ever!

5: I like pretty much everything superficially feminine, like dresses and pastel colors, but I sort of a tomboy too I guess. Let's just say I like what I like and I don't follow the rules of either gender. Rules suck!


I hope that's a good introduction. Feel free to say hello! I want to practice being social!

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