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Hello from a happy Daddy

Swamp Daddy

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Hello. I'm just a happy Daddy in the US. Louisiana to be specific, which is on the south east side of the country near the Gulf of Mexico.


I chose the name Swamp Daddy because it popped into my head. The name is a bit creepy, now that I think about it. Don't worry, I'm a normal 60 year old male. No moss hangs from my body. I wear regular clothes, etc. Nothing swampy about me at all. Although I do live in an actual swamp with Baby Doll and two dogs. Water, cypress trees, deer, bears, beavers, otters, bald eagles, coyotes, etc. Yes, a real swamp.


Baby Doll and I were both widowed two years ago when we were about 60 years old. We had one date wherein I learned how wonderfully submissive she could be with me. The next night I had dinner with her family so they would know me. And on the next night she started moving in with me and we have never spent a night apart since then. For her birthday we went to Las Vegas and married.


I have always been a dominant man. It's just who I am. And I am truly blessed to have a mind that thinks clearly. I connect things other people miss. That ability has made me well off. I solve problems for a price. I can't shoot a basketball, or kick a football, or ornately tie a woman in rope knots, but I can learn and use what I learn,


I'm one of those people nobody regrets meeting.


Baby Doll is my age, but we see her as about 30. I had the chance to marry young last year but understood that would not be good for me. I really need a mature and clear thinking wife. Yes, a wife - I was born to work and born to be married.


These days we are just two kids living in the middle of nowhere, completely in love, and taking loving care of each other.


The topic of this website is new to us. You can probably read anything I write here and declare "He doesn't know what he is talking about." And you'd be right. We both know that. I'm not here to teach or preach or proselytize. I have nothing to teach you or preach to you or convert you into. You are already on this website so I'm going to presume you have understood this about yourself longer than I have even been aware of it. 


This new way of seeing ourselves feels very strong and important to me. So I want to know more. That's why I am here. To know more.


I have a saying that often helps me: The only thing I hate worse than being wrong is staying wrong. I invite you to read that again, if you please.


If I put an idea or thought out here and you think I am wrong, could be wrong, or could use some help understanding, please let me know. I will be in your debt.


Thank you.


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