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Father's Day Recipes


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Here you can share any recipes that remind you of Father's day or things you have made your father or daddy.

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I got this month's Tea Time magazine and they put together a menu for a Father's Day Tea!


Umm.... how do I attach pictures here?

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This is my own personal recipe and a pretty simple one! I make this for my dad, he really likes it. 


Kat's Basic Chicken Salad



2 cans of cooked chicken in stock
Mayo (any kind works, but Duke's or any with olive oil are better)

1 jar of regular pickle relish (make sure it's not sweet relish, you want a salty one)

Salt and pepper


Drain the chicken from the can and place in a large bowl. You can cook it longer if you like your chicken that way, or just have it out of the can fully cooked. Mix two large spoonfuls of mayo in, but don't put in too much to start. The right amount is just enough to coat the chicken. Next add two large spoonfuls of the relish. Combine well, salt and pepper to taste. If the chicken salad isn't moist enough, add SMALL amounts of mayo until you reach desired consistently. The key is to not go overboard on the mayo, or else it throws off the whole flavor. Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to marinate, then serve as a sandwich or on crackers. Great for summertime! 

Bonus: Dad's Specialty- add crumbled up saltine crackers to fluff up the salad and give it a crunch. This is how my dad likes it!

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This sounds really good.  I make mine with chopped onion, chopped celery, turmeric, sliced grapes, and sometimes I add walnuts or chopped egg.  I agree; great summertime snack food!

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