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Hi! I am MsWiggles, but you can call me WIGGLES!

I am 35 years old and live in Alberta, Canada with my daddy & partner (same person) of six years. My daddy might sometimes help me on this account, but it will be rare and he will make sure wherever/whoever he is talking to will know that it is him and not me (mostly to translate if I am very little but still want to say something). We do share the PC and I am forgetful to log out of things or I leave things open, so if it's not something you would say in person to a little in front of their daddy, you shouldn't say it here to me either. We don't keep secrets, and I tell my daddy about pretty much everything I do. :]


I'm not exactly a 24/7 little, but little more often than not generally. I am here to hopefully make some friends and just have fun! Little me is usually 3-6 years old, though sometimes I think I do fall into the middle ranges now and then as well. I can be quite bratty, though normally that is only around my daddy, rarely it's with close friends.

I am on the spectrum and might often ask for clarification or let you know that I don't understand something while we are talking, this is not to be rude or anything else, it is simply because I am genuinely confused or not sure I am understanding something. I try to use a few basic tone indicators in chats or forums to help people understand if/when I am joking, implying sarcasm, etc. The common ones I use will be listed in my signature. :]

I'd really like to find a group of people my age to chat with and become friends with, there aren't a lot of people in my area that are my age & into the things I am, so some online friends would be lovely. :] That being said, I do have a hard time with friendships as it's a mind boggling concept in my head that I can never seem to fully grasp, so please have some patience with me as I am working on my social skills.


A bit about me:

  • I really like gaming, I am not very competitive and just like to have fun. (minecraft, Ark, staxel, dragon quest builders 2, no mans sky, fallout 76, the sims, animal crossing, zelda...lots more but it depends on what I am into at the time. The more intense ("big games" - like Ark, Fallout, No Mans Sky) games I prefer to play alone because I am slower to process and have issues playing & interacting with others in those situations.
  • Reading (mostly psychology related)
  • Colouring & drawing
  • I am learning to rollerskate and it's a lot of fun.
  • 3D puzzles
  • Harry Potter ♥
  • Playing dress up
  • Toy shopping
  • I have a little hamster called Ham Solo ♥
  • Studio Ghibli movies, Disney, Pixar, anything cute basically.
  • Winnie the Pooh ♥
  • I love rabbits!

Thanks for reading my long introduction. :]


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