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Hi, I am shypricessmermaidgin, you can call me Gin, it's close to my real life nickname. My bio. age is in the 27-32 range, but my little age regression is between 16 down to 2. I have been in this world for about 2 years now.

I live in the Midwest of USA, yes I know what snow is (love it, but hate it) (because its c-old) (shiver, shiver.)

I love the color purple in most shades, don't like it when its more base in red purples, love pink, and blues, and teals, turquoises. Last color I love is creams colors. I don't like gray or 'neutral tones'....

I love Hello Kitty, I collect too much of her, I admit to this. (Guilty as charged, yet happy about it).

I LOVE READING, I read almost anything, (books, manga, light novels).
I LOVE the following: Anime, Books, Butterflies, Care Bears, Coloring, Disney, Dolphins, Games, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Swimming, and many more!!!

I am pretty quiet( and shy) until you get to know me, then I love talking to you or others.

One more thing: I have been to Disney World and Universal Studios in the last 5 years.
AND I KNOW JUST ONE THING: I WILL NEVER GET BACK ONE THE TOWER OF TERROR!!! _excited__by_cookiemagik.gif emote__devil_by_kyuubisslave-d350h5r.gif


I will be on here once a day or every other day, have yet to decide on it. 


Oh and I am on Littlespaceonline, with the same username. And their emos, work on here sooooo weird. I might have to experiment with this....  :angel: Trys again  emote__angel_by_kyuubisslave-d350h9e.gif. Giggles


And please forgive me learning a new site-learning curve.

Will put more into my "A little about myself" sections.

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