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New little looking for friends and advice


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Hi everyone,


I am new to DDLG, but it feels like home. I have been living it in ways throughout my life.


It is so, so exciting, but it is also vulnerable and scary, so I would love to meet some new little friends and experienced daddies to chat things through with.


My litle me is around 5 years old. I am really interested in learning more from more experienced people, primarily how to explore little space to it's fullest while nurturing and protecting little me. I would also like to know if people got to know their little self first, without a Daddy, or if a Daddy helped them through it.


I have a bit heart, and a lot of love to give. Really up for making new connections.


A bit about me:

Big space interests: Yoga, exploring, meditation, fun, photogrpahy

Both space interests: adventuring, violin, singing, dancing, craft, drawing, the beach

Little space interests: so far- colouring, stuffies, lego, model villages, water parks


Hope to chat to some people soon.


Princess mononoke

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