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Hellooooo, from NYC!


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Hi everyone!! My name's Cheyenne, and I'm so happy to have found this forum :) I've been a little for years, but attempting to integrate into my local kink scene was a little rocky, so I abandoned it completely. I'm in a vanilla relationship now, and I'm happy for the most part, but my attempts to just squash my little side never worked, and when I finally sought therapy, I realized I never actually needed to do that! I feel like I'm discovering my little anew, after finally completely accepting myself. Of course, my new problem is a lack of an outlet lol. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you guys and having some fun here :)


Ummmmm, some things about me: I'm 28, I'm from NYC, I work with seniors who all think I'm a lil sweetie :) I love to knit my own clothes, my favorite colors are pink and black (not really together, though), my little age varies (I used to really be a middle, but lately I regress deeper and deeper), I love prog metal, and I love my pacifier so so so much :) I'm so so happy to be here, and that this exists :)

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