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Guest Curvyfrontierwoman

About me:



I originally I thought I was a sub. Then jk I’m a complete and utter brat. Not like with role/age regression. Just like naturally free and childlike sometimes







Strong (but tired of having to persevere and fight tooth and nail to not even stay afloat)

Still waging a war without weapons

The Calvary isn’t coming

Started writing recently. Mostly poetry.

Play Guitar and sing (since I was 10 years old)

My grandpas Martin is the only material possession I care about.

Other than that, the only thing I value are humans.

I love people with a fiery passion

Despite being outgoing and talking to every stranger I pass by on the street.

I am an introvert, and need time alone to recharge so I can help the next person.

I help those in need. On the street. In the store. At work. I do not discriminate. I have two hands, and I can can help sometimes in someway, I leave my self open to these opportunities and have been gifted with the sight to see where there is a need.


My emotions are intense good and bad.

I’m sometimes sweet, playful, and innocent and childlike. Spinning around through the forest with my hair down and my feet bare. Touching every green thing and swooning and smiling and singing. Wistful and delighted and full of wonder.


I’m sometimes a bratty tantrum hissy fit throwing little girl who is angry and then ends up crumpled on the bed crying on my daddy’s chest because this world is cruel and unfair and daddy can you please spank me and then cuddle me and pet my hair?


I don’t really do age play really, as it is not a role that I get into or assume, it’s just kind of who I am. While some phrases or looks or just seasons of life DO set me a bit further into sub/little space.

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