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A Warm Hand Wave From Wingedwaifu


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:heart:  *glitter*


Warm greetings and salutations from little ol' me ^^


I typically like to introduce myself as Yen, so please feel free to refer to me as such. 


I've found my way on here as I would like to understand DDLG as a concept better. I also want to understand community members more. 


Most of all though, I'd like to better understand myself. 


I first learned about the acronym DDLG some years ago, and even then I remember feeling something resonate.


As I have gotten older, as i have explored the interwebz further, and as I have learned more about myself — i see that I am someone who 


would benefit from not only taking in the literature and information out there more; but I think it would be really cool to contribute to it too.


I have been longing for a sense of community, belonging, and understanding for a really long time so I hope that this step forward ends up


being worth our while — mine, and that of everyone who ever supports me in these endeavors.


Thank you  ^_^ 


*glitter*  :heart: 

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Hello and welcome to the forum and the community.

We are glad you joined us and wish you luck on your journey.

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