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Hi to all the Daddy's and Little Girls here.  I'm happy to have stumbled onto this site and have read a number of responses to others circumstances, concerns, and just questions in general regarding the lifestyle of DD/LG.  There is a different vibe here than on FET, which I had been familiar with in years past but left due to relevance for where I was and am in my choices.  Totally make no judgement, as it had served me well in the very beginning of my experiences and journey, as it certainly does those that are still there.  It's simply not my thing at the current time.  I will be posting my own new circumstance with my Little Girl on a different chat and would love input from those that may be able to relate or simply have 'new eyes' to see things that perhaps I'm missing.  


That said, I am thrilled to be here with others of like mind and lifestyle.  Cheers!!

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