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Hewwo ♥


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Hi hi~♥ 

I'm completely new in here and sometimes I might don't understand how a forum works but I'll do my best to not to do something inapropiate. 

You can call me "Sweet" Because It's my nickname and I will appreciate you not calling me other names. Just sweet ♥ I have a Daddy and I'm here looking for more fwiends and activities to do :D Cause I would like to learn a bit more about Ddlg :3

I love watching tvshow or netflix/disney/primevideo shows and movies ♥ I also like anime and manga :3 Music is one of my fav things, I like singing and listening to it and I love plushies! :D 

I hope I can find new fwiends here and learn a bit more :3 

♥♥ Thank you for reading! 

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