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Well hello there!


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Heyo! I'm Max! I'm an 18 year-old daddydom (if you were wondering). So long story short, I'm not new to the DDLG/CGL/AgeRe community by any means. I'm only new to this website. I've been apart of the community for a little while now, and I'm really glad that I found out about it since it's somewhat shaped who I am today. Here's a couple things about me (tastes and such):

  • My preferred pronouns are he/him/his.
  • My 2 favourite activities are playing soccer (football) and cycling. My record is 50km in 1 hour and a half.
  • I like almost every genre of music. However, country is one that I can't stand (sorry country fans). I am a mega Coldplay fan and a crazy 80s fanatic.
  • Yes, I am single (of course). Mr. Lonely over here! 😂


I never like to talk about myself, so I got a friend to write about me. It's also in my bio!

Written by a friend:


"Max is a kind, generous, respectful, talented person who cares for every single (good) human. Especially the ones he cares about the most. He is very physical-oriented, meaning he needs to feel some sort of physical affection every now and then. Whether it be by a fist bump, or a hug, or a cuddle (he told me he's never cuddled anyone. Get on it, ladies!). He is really well educated in the DDLG/CGL/AgeRe community, and is a caring daddydom himself. Of course, he is in no relationship yet. I'd suggest having a little chat with him. It would be well worth it. Just be advised, he is only willing to have an in-person relationship. His first-ever relationship was online, and it will be his last online relationship from his words, not mine."


If I'm not online on here/taking a break, message me on instagram or snapchat. I will respond as soon as possible on there (I don't use this website as my daily driver. That's why).

Instagram & Snapchat: mrpinofficial

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