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Hewwo everyone!!!


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Haii!! My name is Bubbles 🥰 I’m a little in the San Antonio TX area. I’ve been into the lifestyle for about 2 years and I have loved every minute of it!! I love all things cute and pastel and I’m super excited to meet people!

Big age: 21

Little age: 2-4

Relationship status: single

Likes: Cartoons, anime, coloring, stuffies (especially squishmallows), playing games, and snuggling!!

Dislikes: people who disrespect boundaries, spiders, cold weather, and when my sippie gets empty😤

Favorite little items: paci, sippie/bottle, stuffies, onesies

Favorite tv shows/movies: Sailor moon, Hello Kitty and friends, fruits basket, the aristocats 

Music preference: I enjoy most music genres but I really like slut music😂, metal, punk rock, and folk

Interests: outdoor activities, cosplay, working with animals310DFEBE-6680-4FDE-86C0-D7EB4E028BB8.thumb.jpeg.3a2ce6b0168265b1b030f168b8732c77.jpeg

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Welcome Bubbles.. it's a nickname in the wine industry of mine, because I know so much about Champagne, LOL...  anyway, welcome.  Hope you find what you're looking for here. XO

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