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Sweet Jellybean

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Hey there, yes you, i'm talking to you!

There is new age regression/little space server opened up, there are so many roles to be picked up and more to be added in the future, This is a safe for work server although it's a 18+ server, the age is to keep others safe and myself safe and feel comfortable around my age range since i am over 18

There is also a minecraft server to join to, how fun is that?, don't be let down if you see no one active has this server has just opened up and members need to join, hopefully in the future the server will be active!

we also have movie nights, karaoke nights, play dates and many more!

There is a little space/age regression catagory for those little ones, we also have a private caregiver VC just for caregivers to speak together without there littles there, so the caregivers can speak how cute there littles are and what they do and also it's for help for new caregivers who have joined the community!

we also have a story time aswell where caregivers can tell the little ones a story or the little ones can tell the caregivers a story, how exciting is that?!

the little ones can share there drawings in the server, cute little selfies, there is also a diaper chat if you would like to talk about cute diapers!

There is also a baby babble for the little ones to baby babble and do little cute things!

come join us and take a look and see if it's the right server for you! we look forward to seeing you there!







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