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Hello there! I've just joined!


Do you prefer real profile pics or any kind of picture?  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer real profile pics or any kind of picture?

    • Real photo!
    • Anything works!

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Hi again! It's good to be here! I'm a new daddy to the forum, but not to the DDLG community. I've been reading through the rules and thought it'd be nice to introduce myself here.

I'm 26, from Europe and ready to make friends, share tips, learn more about the fetish and much more! Well, I think I should keep it short and talk a bit more about myself in future personals thread and in my profile. I always have trouble writing about myself in profiles! So many things to say, right? 

I've got only one question, do you prefer users on this forum to use a real photo of themselves or any picture?

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Hi, and welcome to the forum! 🐵

In my opinion, using a photo of yourself or not, it's related to feeling comfortable sharing "personal information" on the Internet... So if you have no problem sharing a photo of yourself, go ahead! But if you feel uncomfortable, don't feel obligated to do it... this forum is for having fun!

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Thanks for your message, Ariadna!

You're right, I'll do just that, Preferably I'd only want close friends and my potential little girl to see picture of myself.

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Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy yourself here.

As for the profile photo question, it is definitely a personal preference thing so I don’t mind what others use. 

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