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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !



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I’ve never done the form thing before! I’ve had a little space for along while now! Just new to ddlg/mdlg 

my name is valentine, I like to draw and watch movies in my free time

excited to get to know you all!

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Hello!! :33 

im new here as well! For me it’s scary at the moment! (I just accepted myself). 

i hope you will find friends and anything you are searching here!!!


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Welcome to both you newcomers.. and yes it can be scary meeting new friends and connections.  If anytime you feel unsafe or someone isn't right that you contact or they you, there are plenty of protective souls here, both Littles and Daddys that will be more than happy to address your concerns with love and kindness.  This is a good place you've both found yourselves in.  Hope you make all the friends you wish for, and more.  🌹

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