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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

Hi Everyone!💞


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Hi!!... I’m Kat, i’m new here! ^^;


I’m 21 years old from the US, I love anime, art, and video games… and I’m still trying to figure out who I am.

I suppose I’m a bit of a switch with a preference for being a little! I’m pretty new to the community as a whole, the same with being a pet. I’m new to everything and I want to be able to make friends and learn, and just grow from that! I’m single; if it matters any!

 I’m pretty shy at first but I warm up pretty easily to people! I’m an autistic freelance artist, kinda just looking for friends right now. Please be patient with me, as I’m working on my social skills. 

My pronoun preference is They/Them please!


Looking forward to talking with you all!!💕

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Hi Kat! We are extremely similar! I’m 18 (less than a month) from Canada and I’m not super new to little stuff but I haven’t been in it for a super long time, my age is 2-4 so I’d say toddler!! 

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10 minutes ago, Ukdaddy1980 said:

Welcome Kat, good to have you here. I'm always open to chat, if you fancy a natter let me know 😊

thank you, and same!! :3 

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