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Not so new Caregiver Introduction


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Hello all of you amazing people, I guess you're probably wondering about the title huh? Well to explain that I've been on this site for a while, not so active I guess you can say, I've been holding myself back for a while at least in terms of exploring more of the community of BDSM. I guess the main reason I've been holding myself back is just due to all the lack of support IRL I've had from family and friends but I'm finally moving past that and doing some exploring on my own and getting actually experience within the community.

With that out of the way, I go by Dez, I'm 28 years old and I live in Virginia currently. I work a lot these days but during my free time I play video games, watch anime, big marvel/DC person, I play  MTG and some other card games, If you can't tell I'm more on the goofy/nerdy side. I've been dabbling within BDSM for roughly 8-ish years now but as previously mentioned with very little interaction and experience but I do consider myself a Caregiver rather than an  actual Dom. I've had one IRL relationship and even though we got married it didn't really go well on the BDSM side of things. I'm very much an introvert so hopefully I don't come off as weird, it's just hard for me to talk to people in a normal way sometimes. 

At the moment I am searching for a little but I won't get into that here as it's not the right place, but I am actively searching for gamer buddies and just general people to discuss similar hobbies with. Hopefully this introduction suffices as I'm not very good at them but I tried.

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Stinks you haven't had family support, but you will find friendship and support here.  Use the chat to interact with others, comment in the Forum.  I hope you find what you need/want out of the lifestyle, and that the Forum helps you get closer to your goal.

See you around and welcome to being more active!

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