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Hi to everybody here! My name is Pigeon, sometimes go by Pidge (haha yes like Voltron), I'm 20, and I'm pretty new to this community. I've known what little space was for a few years but had no idea about ddlg stuff or that there was a community for it until recently! Some pretty basic (yet important) info about me is my pronouns are they/he, I am ftnb trans person, and I am queer! Though with that I tend to lean heavy to women or other non-binary people in regards to preferences. I am a current little, though unable to be a 24/7 little. When in little space I tend to be more of the "princess/brat" type. 

Some of my interests in little space include drawing/coloring, doll collecting, reading (having a current pjo obsession), monster high/ever after high, winx club, mlp, studio ghibli, barbie movies, and cartoons!

My interests outside of little space are dancing, cooking, alt fashion (mostly gyaru/gal, scene, and y2k), anime, gaming, makeup, and reading horror novels. 

That's all I can think to put really! I'm excited to meet some great new people! Loves you all! 

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