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Hello everyone! My name is Faye, you can call me any variation of Faye or Fairy since I like both ^^ I'm 23 years old and use she/her pronouns. My hobbies and likes are all over the place from gaming (like Apex and Nintendo titles) to learning about world history and listening to classical music, so whatever you are interested in I'm sure I share at least a bit of an interest in it as well

I've been in the DDLG dynamic for a short time, only a couple of months, but I've always had a feeling that I was a little so I decided I would finally explore that side of myself and what better place than an online forum am I right? 

Ah, anyway, I hope I can meet a lot of different kinds of people on here and make a lot of friends

            -Faye signing off ❤️


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Welcome to the Forum and good for your for exploring this side of yourself!! Lots of good people you can learn from on the site!


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