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I am a new little that just became a  part of this community and I am learning new things about myself and ddlg every day. As a little I am typically between the ages 3-5. I absolutely love my pacis but I don't do diapers. I love to color and draw and watch anime and Disney movies. I love cuddling my favorite stuffie while watching a movie. I am mainly on here to learn and to make so friends. I do have a Daddy but our relationship is still vary new so we are still learning about that as well.

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Welcome! I like anime, disney, and coloring too. I'm new to the community as well and hope we can both learn even more about ourselves and the community, if you want we can be friends!

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Hey, my name is Adrian and I’m new to this community. I’m trying to figure out how to be a dd and learn more about this community. I’m a tall corporate guy who would like meet someone nice in Sydney Australia :) 

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