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New Little Here πŸ’—πŸ‘Έ


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I just recently discovered that I am a little and always have been! I enjoy being cared for and given lots of attention. I need help with lots of things and require lots of reassurance as well. I like to feel safe and loved πŸ’Ÿ

Outside of little space, I like hikes, beach visits, trying new restaurants, murder docs, court shows, getting my nails done, and so on. I also added some little inspired activities that I like on my profile here!

My little age would be 6+. I might be a little girl but I sometimes have a big attitude and not always on purpose either. Sometimes, I'm just overwhelmed and don't know how to deal. I can also go nonverbal when overwhelmed. I like pink things and things that sparkle. I can't wait to explore this more and see where it takes me. I feel like this can be such a healing experience.

I'm lost for where else to take this so feel free to come chat and get to know me better 😁

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2 minutes ago, shadowrider said:

Hi and welcome to the best little place around.

Thank you! I hope to be around for awhile 😊

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