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HI! I'm Lily. It's nice to meet you!


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Hi! I'm Lily! I'm 30 years old. I'm a housewife/SAHM/hobbiest/theater chick... 

I'm a busy lady haha. Um... so I've been married to my husband/daddy for 10 years now. I'm sure you have heard the story before... "We used to be a lot more into the dynamic but life/kids/career/whatever got in the way and now we are getting back into it" and that's pretty much true. Lol 😆 

Um my litte side is more of a middle on a sliding scale. It depends on my mood, stress level, setting, and a bit of what daddy needs. But it comes out quite a bit. 

I love dressing up and being in costumes. I could do it literally everyday but life. 

I love to read. I am a harry potter need. I'm playing through the switch game now. It's fun. Anyway... all the books please. The library from My Fair Lady lives in my dreams. Also audio books are how I get my history and factual book fix. I like it. 

I'm a chronic oversharer.

I make all kinds of things. I made a fall wreath 2 days ago. 

I love gnomes.

Theater is my passion. Singing, dramatic scenes, the lighting. I love it. ❤️ They are my people too. My local theatre is very accommodating of the differently abled. So as someone with an invisible disability, that has been such an emotional life saver. 

The things I want to do are not always the things I am able to do. And that can be difficult. I have Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos and some times I have to listen to my bodies needs vs my ambitious brain. 

Blue cats are my jam. I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. One of my blue Grey ones will snuggle you harder than you have ever been cat cuddled... I say he has "aggressive cuddles" beware. 

Anyway. I'm here to make friends. I like friends. And I wanted to meet more people in the community. So hi and it's nice to meet you and be here. 😊



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Hi and welcome to our little paradise.

If you like crafts and stories and costumes you joined at the perfect time. Our clubs are putting on events and contests all month. And I can't forget the food, what would a festival be without food.

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