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Hello? Greetings? Bula vinaka?


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Hello, I'd just like to introduce myself. I am me. I've recognized myself as a sub for over ten years now, two years ago a friend helped me to realize that a great deal of my inner turmoil was coming from me denying inner Little, I thought bdsm was one thing but what I was feeling seemed very wrong to me so I ran away from it. Well not anymore, I want to fully embrace myself and learn more about myself and this lifestyle. I've never had a daddy and aside from the internet and fantasies I have very little experience. So here I am, one thing that I think may set me apart from other Littles is my lack of exuberance, I'm a very contained an in control emotionally, for me to let go and open up and be exuberant, I have to be very comfortable and feel very very safe. So that's that nice to meet you all!!!! :-)
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