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One of my favorite foods is fry bread and fry bread tacos!

Here is a list of various ways you can try making fry bread:

After you are finished making the bread you can top it with any of your favorite taco toppings! I've seen people use them for burgers as well. If you prefer something more dessert-like you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar and/or cinnamon, or you can eat it with honey or jam. Since I prefer salty/savory flavors I like to sometimes eat it with butter when it's nice and hot.

I do NOT recommend eating this often, it is not very healthy to make it a frequent staple of your diet.

Fry Bread Tacos - Spicy Southern Kitchen

Authentic Indian Fry Bread

Navajo Fry Bread - Savor the Best

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Here is a recipe for Akutaq, or Alaskan Ice Cream. The recipe is modified because most of the real stuff you'd need most of you won't have access to (like caribou fat). This is another one I wouldn't consider very healthy, and have not tried it myself but if anyone is feeling adventurous enough to try it then go for it! Please excuse the link, I don't approve if it being called "Eskimo" ice cream, but most of the truly authentic ones have ingredients most of you won't find so this will have to do.

Link: https://desirerecipes.com/eskimo-ice-cream-recipe/

This is the real recipe for anyone curious: http://alaskaweb.org/food/akutaq.html

Eskimo Ice Cream Recipe

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If I think of anymore I'll post them. It is very hard because every tribe has their own traditions and different foods and resources that are common to them that other tribes do not have access to based on region. I can mostly only speak for the Pacific Northwest region. The reason it is hard to share things from the Pacific Northwest is that the food uses a lot of ingredients that other areas don't have easy access to or that non-indigenous people rarely eat such as: sea asparagus, dried seaweed (a little different from what they use in sushi), smoked salmon (using Alaskan or Pacific salmon and smoking in a smokehouse), halibut, rockfish, herring eggs (a type of fish egg), salmon roe, reindeer, caribou, bear, salmonberries, seal, eel, whale, etc. Basically anything that can be harvested from the sea, hunted, or gathered on land or the coast is fair game.

Here's a list of more Alaskan recipes for now, mostly seafood but not all seafood: https://3boysandadog.com/famous-alaska-foods/

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Here's an easy one to make that I enjoy!  I like to call it Alaskan Pizza but you can also call it Pilot Bread Pizza!

So in Alaska a lot of stuff has to get imported, and is much harder to do it in the harsher winter months so they stock up on a lot of shelf stable products. One of their important pantry staples is Pilot Bread! If you do not have it in any of your local store you can order some online pretty easily.

I find these fun because they're so easy to make, but also because it reminds me of when I was a kid and eating Lunchable pizzas... except I think these taste way better!


Pilot Bread: Try Alaska's modern day version of hardtack

Pilot Bread Crackers 2 Lb



  • pizza sauce (homemade or brand of your choice
  • mozzarella cheese (or any shredded cheese)
  • whatever toppings you like (such as pepperoni)


  • Top as many pieces of Pilot Bread as you want with sauce, then cheese, and then your toppings.
  • In my microwave I only have to cook them for 1 - 1 1/2 minutes. You can put them in your oven, but make sure you take them out after the cheese melts so they don't burn. I've never used the oven so I don't have any recommendations for temp or time, but I did see from a quick google search you can broil them until the cheese melts!


Sailor boy pilot bread | Bushcraft USA Forums


You can try other things, too! Like using it as a tostada! It doesn't have to be only for pizza.

Pilot Bread Tundra Tostadas | Little House Big Alaska

Pilot Bread Overview: What Hardtack Is, How to Make It And Where to Buy It

9 Sailor Boy Pilot Bread ideas | pilot, bread, sailor

Sun Nnee - Are you a Sailor Boy Pilot Bread Lover? Tell us how you enjoy  your #SBPB and you could be featured like Nena! “Enjoying Grammas homemade  salmonberry jam on a

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1 hour ago, gigisweetheart said:

@Vampiress I want to try every recipe! The fry bread and pilot pizzas look so good. I’ve only had bannock once and it was so delicious! 😊

I have not yet had the pleasure of trying bannock but it does look and sound amazing!

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Also if any of you visit or live in California or Vancouver, BC in Canada here is a couple restaurants I have heard of and really want to try!

In Oakland, California they have Wahpepah's Kitchen! The owner is from the Kickapoo Nation in Oklahoma. They have a really interesting menu that I think is worth checking out. They also ship some organic bars that are vegan & gluten free if you have interest in trying some out if you don't live close enough to visit. Oh and she was the first Indigenous person to be a contestant on the tv show Chopped on the Food Network!

Link: https://wahpepahskitchen.com/


The other is the Salmon n' Bannock Bistro in Vancouver, BC, Canada! Their employees are from these First Nations: Frog Lake, Lytton, Metis, Muskoday, Musqueum, Nisga'a, Nuxalk, Ojibway, Plain's Cree, Seton Lake, Shoal Lake, Squamish, Ts'msyen and Wet'suwet'en.

Link: https://www.salmonandbannock.net/

Here is a video of them talking about bannock!


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