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20 "Essential" Indigenous movies from North America: https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/guide/essential-indigenous-movies-from-north-america/

I highly recommend: Smoke Signals (this is based on a book by Sherman Alexie)

Another film list: https://movieweb.com/best-indigenous-movies-north-america/

I highly recommend: Indian Horse. Very, very sad movie about the horrible things that have happened in the residential schools in Canada. My grandma attended something like this in Alaska.

Film list: https://www.ask.com/tv-movies/experiences-of-indigenous-people-films-and-shows


For tv shows I SUPER recommend Reseration Dogs. Hands down one of the best tv shows I have ever seen. It is very funny at times, but also very real and serious at others. This show has made me cry multiple times.


I have not watched this yet, but have heard good things. It's called Mohawk Girls and is more of an indigenous take on Sex and the City.

Dark Winds


This one is a movie called A Love Song that I am very excited about with Wes Studi in it. This is the only time he has ever played a role where it was romantic and his first on screen kiss.


I haven't forgotten about littlespace!

Spirit Rangers

Molly of Denali


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1 minute ago, Andriel_Isilien said:

This is AMAZING! Wow, thank you @Vampiress 🧡🧡🧡

You're so welcome! Some of these are not very well known outside of the Native American community and I would love to share them with everybody!

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