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Hello :)


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Hello! Im Pickle Princess (or Ashley). I guess I'll give a few random facts about me :)



*Ive been a little for 2 years after talking to a friend and she helped me identify as a little.


*I hid my little side from my fiance until last year. He has become a Daddy and is very supportive.


*Im allergic to grapefruit. If skin contact, I break out in hives. If I eat or drink any grapefruit items, i get violently sick.


*I hate my birthday. I hate the attention.


*I pack my own dressing. I hate ranch or stuff like that, so I pack a lemon Garlic dressing I made. If not my dressing, I just use lemon on salad.


*I love water packets. I actually have 120 in a bag in my purse.


*I love pickles...hence my name


*I cant fall asleep unless I'm in Papi's flannel.



If you want to know more, just ask :). I love questions

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Guest DominantBlogger

The Crytal Light packets you put in bottle water. I have too many lol

Now I feel stupid. :). Mahalo for the explaination.

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