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Feeling Stuck and a little down


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Hi. I am both looking for advice and want to get something off of my chest. I have been a little for many years now, even before I knew it was a thing. I thought I was just crazy and so I didn't tell anyone. Now I have a partner and a son, but my partner is not my daddy. I don't have a daddy. He's not really into the DDLG lifestyle, though he respects that I am. Also I am not physically attracted to him anymore. I can switch between little and big space with my son, but having to switch out of littlespace sometimes is hard and it makes me grumpy. I wish I had a daddy to take care of me especially as I get sicker, and I feel horrible for wanting these things. Because I love my family. I don't know what I can do.

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You're not horrible for wanting to enjoy littlespace while also having responsibilities; no one is. It's all about how you learn to work in that littlespace inbetween those commitments. Because at the end of the day, grumpy or not, your son relies on you.

Learning to switch out of littlespace requires some self-work, but if it's for the sake of your family it's definitely worth it. Take your time to think things through, be open and communicative. You aren't horrible or crazy; you're human

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You don't need a daddy to be little! and it's wonderful that he respects it, perhaps if after exploring on your own and you decide that you do want a daddy, he would be open to let you have an online one?

I was about to say we are on the same boat, as I am married and we have a child, hubby gave it a try but decided he is not into it but doesn't judge me... however I took a peak at your post history and I noticed you are not sexual in little space. I am extremely sexually attracted to my husband and I can get very sexual with my daddy. However I am a middle and don't really do age regression.

It does make me wonder if you are asexual or have health issues that interfere with that? you did mention "as I get sicker". I am also a bit concerned about your comment that you are not physically attracted to your husband anymore, what changed? if not much has changed you might be depressed and it's affecting your libido.

Loving your family has nothing to do with it, you having this wants and needs should not affect at all in your love for your family so don't feel guilty about that. Just be honest and open with your husband, I was and we decided to open our marriage and I am thankful for the chance of having my cake and eating it too XD

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