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Hi. I am new here. Single gentleman. I have had a little before, for two years. So this isnt my 1st rodeo. I understand the dynamic very well. So mostly making myself available, in case someone needs me.

Plus, I dont like my name. Hopefully admin will let me change my name.

Kinda scary being on here  with all the dang rules. Maybe if I just keep a low profile...

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Actually, I guess I was a member on here years ago, when I lived in Massachusetts.

I dont even remember being on this site. But technically, someone could say  Oh  you are not new here!! Fine. Whatever. I dont even remember being part of the community here. So it's all new to me.

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Hi and welcome or welcome back.

Go to your profile and click Account Settings and you should be able to change your username.

If you need any help with it just shoot me a message and I'll be around later tonight.

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