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What did you get for Christmas ?!


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……. Hi. 👋🏻

I always remember Christmas as kid being really hectic , but there was no other feeling like going back to school in all your new clothes and shoes you got for Christmas and having your friends come over to check out all the check you got , or going to school and telling your friends whether or not you got everything on your list.

I thought it might be fun for everyone to show off what they got for Christmas this year. I had originally was apprehensive about a topic like this because I know there are people who didn’t get presents at all , or maybe very few , and I hate feeling like I’m coming off as bragging about being blessed… but you know what ? I decided I don’t care. I don’t have family like a lot of other people , I have no family parties or get together , I don’t have people texting me or calling me Merry Christmas , I don’t have those knocks on the door of family waiting to be let in… 

What I do have is Dad and Brother. When a holiday like this or a birthday comes around , I appreciate the fact that they try to make me feel extra loved and cared for since they’re all I have. 

These are some of my favorite things I got this year


Don’t mind me looking busted and tired lol but a special someone from the forum played elf and sent me a really sweet christmas package :3 I felt so special and Dad made a funny face at the Lucas candy 😆



Bath bombs ! 


I’ve been eyeballing these waterproof boots for walking … 


Bruce Lee vans , one of my many heroes. “Be water my friend.” 


Pokémon crocs and matching jibbitz ! 



New beautiful bench made 😍


Lots of clothes ! Anime , cars , and skater style. 


A wall mount for my boyfriend Kylos lightsaber that big Brother got me last year 😍


The new OLED switch from Dad with the white controllers , and Big Brother got me the new Kirby game to go with it 💖

I also got other things , such as new make up brushes , Fenty highlighter make up , and Dad got me new fidget squishy stress balls for work. 

I’ll take more pictures to post here later on , this is just all the pictures I got from yesterday. 

Excited to see everyone’s Christmas haul ! 

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My siblings and I take turns each year gifting to one another every Christmas. My younger sister made these stickers of my furry pets, and she has the most adorable art style. 😊 I think I'll put them in a frame because they are too cute to use! 


I then got this collection of different hot sauces. It's a joke now with my parents of how much I like spicy hot things. 🤭


One of my favorite items is this hoodie of Studio Ghibli!! 💖


And one of my clients got me the softest blanket ever that is mink! 🥰


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