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Hejhej all, a fluffy daddy writing from Sweden

Guest alpakDaddy

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Guest alpakDaddy

Hejhej everyone, 

A soft caregiver salutes you. I don't have a preference of cg name, as I think that is a priceless part of a bond and only comes up organically with time.
I'm a 29 yo daddy that lives in Sweden. Very creative by nature, while still chaotic. More often than not, can be found in the wild with a huge smile in the face.

I haven't really interacted much since I'm pretty new to the forum but I'm happy to be here. As a caregiver, It'd say that affection is my love language. It's part of how I am to be a pampering, hugging, kissing and cuddling force of nature. Always providing an unlimited gentle loving and care to my little -  my nickname and profile pic kind of sum up the softness haha. I am very protective, as I would do anything to make my little one feel safe in such a noisy world. Stand next to her lifting her spirits to battle against her fears, and take her hand when the sighting of thunderstorms overload our senses. Nevertheless, there's always a B side to any record. And mine could be easily pictured as bigby wolf because  of my turbulent temperament... (hence the chaos, although maybe that is balanced, as - everything should be). I'm looking forward to learning more and getting to know you!

Regardless of interest, I really like to bond with people, and I'm very playful and curious, so just write me up or send me a good meme since I'm sort of a connoisseur myself.
Glad to meet you all and rock your days up!

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