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Hiii I’s a Little


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Um hiii

Name: I is Alisha
Pronouns: she/her

Big Age: 21

Little Age: I finks bout 1-4

I’s pwetty new a this whole fing and I umm I’s more into cgl than ddlg. 
I wuv singy and colory and playing the piano and being cweative and sleepy and eaty ice cweam! (Chocwit is my favwit! 😋

Ummm I wuv stuffies and I has 2 pacis but I can no use dem vewy much cuz my famwy no know I’s little.

Thas me! 
I finks tha it


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Guest SuperBunny

Hi. I hope you are having a great day. I see you are a musician also. That is awesome.  Feel free to say hello sometime. 

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